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“All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.”  

- Chris DeRubeis - 

The Prarizah brand founded by our creative director Rabia Sandal, who has devoted years in experimenting with the authentic hand embroideries of Lucknow.

Quintessential, Handcrafted, and Evocative are the terms that could best describe the brand. Our designs carry an old-world charm, that could be

nostalgic to some.  

Focusing on Bespoke and made to order since its inception, we offer embroideries from Zardozi, Dabka to subtle hues of Chikankari to twisting technique of Muqaish/ Baadla/ Kaamdani. Parizah has it all when it comes to eye-catching details. 

The collection ranges from exquisite bridals, luxury pret to cotton casuals

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